10 Minute Dollar Store Bird Feeder

10 min dollar store silver platter bird feeder

Mother’s day is right around the corner and I’ve been contemplating gift ideas for my mom this year. Like the majority of people I know, they’re working on a budget and my story is no different. I want to give her something that she’ll adore, but let’s be real it has to be reasonably priced.

Even though she deserves her own yacht in the Mediterranean.

It being spring and all I decided that a bird feeder would be the best way to go. Here are Some Reasons Why

1. Homemade gifts are freaking awesome when you are trying to save $$$.
2. This project is super easy.
3. There are hardworking bird moms that need easy weekday meals just like us.

Real talk people, real talk. Anyways my mom and I enjoy being outdoors and observing nature so it fits. I went to the Dollar Tree and found a super cute oval silver platter that would make a superb bird feeder.

I traveled to Walmart and picked up some thin twine so I could hang up the bird feeder. Obviously the silver platter was only a $1 plus tax. The twine ran me just under $4 if I remember correctly.

I spent under $6 dollars for this! Six dollars! It would be hard to find a half way decent bird feeder at a thrift store for that price.

Dollar store silver platter and twine

This bird feeder turned out perfect. It took 10 minutes of my time to make, if that. If you’re in need of a Mother’s day gift idea or gift idea in general, here’s how I made mine.

Tools for the Dollar Store Bird Feeder

Platter-mallet-mechanic pick

I used a mallet and mechanic pick for this bird feeder. An awl is another great option for hole punching. I had a mechanic pick on hand so that’s what I used. The dollar store platter was thin enough to easily punch holes in to string my twine through.

Punching Holes

This part was a little scary because I didn’t want to destroy this silver platter. The silver platter was cheap and I was nervous that any amount of pressure might awkwardly dent it. However, I gave it a try anyway and to my surprise it turned out just fine.

Punching hole with mechanic pick

I centered my pick and hit it with the mallet making one hole on each side of the platter.

Bird feeder platter with holes punched

Stringing the Twine Through the Platter

I started on the long end first. I ran the twine through the top of the platter and ran it underneath to the opposite end and pushed it up through the top again.

I used the second piece of twine to do the same thing on the shorter side. The twine made a cross pattern underneath to support the weight of the bird seed.

I didn’t measure the twine. I kept pulling the twine through until I had a length I liked.

Stringing through the top of the bird feeder platter

Twine through all 4 sides of bird feeder platter

Making a Loop to Hang the Feeder

I made sure the bird feeder was level before tying my knot. I grabbed all 4 strings and tied them together, leaving a couple of inches of string to make a loop with.

Knot for bird feeder loop

I left roughly 5 inches of extra twine after my knot. I held the knot and slid my fingers up 3 inches over the remaining twine and made another knot. Ta-da! Instant loop.

Bird feeder double knot loop

Please excuse the kitty butt photo bomb.

Dollar store silver platter bird feeder

I added some seed to give it an official bird feeder look. *Dinner bell rings in background* Come and get it birds!

Dollar store silver platter bird feeder with seed

Dollar store silver platter bird feeder

Trying to find the perfect gift for Mother’s day isn’t always easy. Go the easy and inexpensive route this year and make a dollar store bird feeder. I know my mom will love this, and yours might too!

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