About Me

Hey guys, glad you found your way to my humble corner of the internet! My name is Kindra and my blog is focused on discovering ways to revamp your home and yard on a small budget.

I’m a wife, and a mom of two energetic little boys and I never seem to have enough time on my hands to get everything done. Honestly, how is this blog thing even happening right now?!

With that being said, my posts are primarily projects that are not only cost effective, but time sensitive as well. Hopefully you can find some inspiration from my posts that you can use in your own home.

My Quirks

  • When I was little my favorite color was Pink. Pink Everything.¬†Then I watched the 1988 film “The Blob” and just like that my favorite color became purple.
  • I started dying my hair at such a young age I’m not entirely sure what my natural hair color actually looks like. As far as long term health concerns go, that’s still pending.
  • I’m a hand-washing freak and have extraordinarily dry hands. Some would call this OCD. So be it.

Anyways enough randomness, here’s a pic of my boys.

Meet the Crew

psst. Can you tell this was a forced family photo?

my mess makers

Our Home

A few years ago we purchased a small 1960’s home with a couple of acres that needed a little tlc and still does, but that’s a good thing because the never ending project list keeps things interesting.

We also have our mini farm to take care of (ok, maybe it doesn’t earn the farm label, but I’ll settle on calling it “farm-ish.”) which includes two dogs, two cats, one fish, and six chickens.

Meet our Animal Kingdom


Our gorgeously dirty Alaskan Malamute/Shepherd Mix
Chloe the dog


Our hyper basenji/chihuahua mix
Chaco the dog


 Miss AttitudeElla the cat


Because he has a pom-pom ball for a tail
Stubs the cat


Don’t ask, my son named himLimit the fish

The Chicks

*Our newest addition*
They weren’t ready for their close-upChicks

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