How to Build a Wire Basket Organizer

How to build a wire basket organizer

I like easy. Easy is my favorite thing to do. And when adorable home decor projects are easy, it’s a beautiful thing. This simple wire basket organizer is just that.

In an earlier blog, DIY Natural Wood Shelves, I had a few pieces of scrap wood that had the potential to be something great, but I wasn’t quite sure what to do with them.

A few weeks prior I picked up some really cool rose gold wire baskets at Walmart for under $2 each. I originally planned to sit these on shelves and use them for storage, but I thought about how awesome they’d look attached to a piece of scrap wood.

And so it began, the scrap wood wire basket organizer project.

Tools You’ll Need

Sanding Your Scrap Wood

Grab your piece of scrap wood and sand it down. My wooden plank had slight chain saw marks so I used an 80 grit paper to smooth it down. This part is optional. I decided to sand and coat it with poly to match my other shelving.

Sanding wood with 80 gritChoose a Sealant

I used polyurethane since I wanted a shiny top coat. If poly isn’t an option, I heard that coconut oil works as a great sealant too.

The difference would be the shine and the way the two sealants are applied. Obviously poly is super shiny and the coconut oil is only slightly shiny. Poly is painted on and coconut oil is buffed on like a wax. A brush or cloth could be used for coconut oil application.

If you choose poly make sure it dries for the recommended amount of time. I dried mine overnight just to be sure.

Picking the Wire Baskets

I mentioned earlier that I picked up these rose gold wire beauties at my local Walmart for uber cheap. Yay! I love a good deal. I mean I’m no Walmart fanatic, but these were a great steal for under $2 bucks each.

Rose gold wire baskets

I’m planning to use more rose gold throughout my laundry room and it made perfect sense to use these guys for my wire basket organizer. This is going in my laundry room by the way…now lonesome socks will have a place to hang out until a match comes along.

 Attaching the Wire Baskets

I started out by laying my baskets side by side across the piece of wood. Once I had them evenly spaced, I pre-drilled small holes where I wanted my screws to be.

Laying out wire baskets

Pre-drilled holes for wire basket organizer

I removed my baskets and drilled in the screws. I had to make sure I didn’t drill my screws in too far because I wanted my baskets to have enough edge to hang from.

Mounting the Wire Basket Organizer to the Wall

For this part I held the nearly finished organizer to the wall with a leveler on top. I wanted to center it between the two wall studs and avoid slapping it up there lopsided. I lightly marked the wall with a pencil and then marked the edge of the wood in the same location so I could line up the wall screws with the D-rings.

Holding organizer level while marking studs

Make sure the wall screws are about 1.5″ to 2″ long so they can support the wooden plank.

These are the D-rings I used for the back of the wire organizer. I knew I needed something sturdy enough to keep the organizer in place and these D-rings do the job.

D-rings for hanging wire basket organizer

I used my drill to screw in the D-rings. Now I was ready to hang my wire basket organizer!

Hanging my wire basket organizer

Love, love, love! Look at those colors!

Here it is, baskets and all. Now this is a storage fix that’s simple, beautiful and useful!

Completed wire basket organizer made from raw scrap wood

Excuse my pile of freshly washed clothes hiding. Actually I think I have a few single socks I could throw in there right now.

Wire Basket Organizer Made from Raw Scrap Wood

I think I’ll be adding one of these to my kitchen next for storing fruits and veggies. Where would you use a wire basket organizer in your home?

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2 thoughts on “How to Build a Wire Basket Organizer

  1. Ok, I love this! Especially the wood backing. I’m thinking I should do a version of this for our mudroom and it’s excess hats, gloves and glasses. And I have to say, your family pics are adorable!

    1. Thanks for the complement Cindy! It’s such a practical project that brings a ton of beauty into any room in your home. I’m glad you like it as much as I do.

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