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For the longest time I’ve wanted to add an adorable bird bath to our front yard, but I could never find one within the right price range.

I wanted something that had a great color to make our yard pop and had that water fountain-like elegance.. Anyways I decided what better way to get what I want than to make it myself.

I’ve seen people use candle sticks and lamp posts for bases in a couple of projects so I thought that would be perfect for my DIY bird bath. Goodwill is my main go to.

One day I’m hoping to get myself together become a more consistent garage sale hunter, but Goodwill is always there for me at 4:30pm on a Sunday afternoon. Well, here’s what I was lucky enough to nab up during my Goodwill raid:

My Finds

  • Large table lamp in a Roman column design. (Great bargain for $3.13 since it wasn’t working.)
  • Small and shallow flower shaped bowl. ($1.25)
  • A baby shower platter. ($1.57)
  • Decorative glass cup ($1.91)

Good will bird bath finds

I came across the flower bowl first and then the lamp second. I initially thought the flower bowl and lamp would work great together and then I thought why not go all out and make it a two tier bird bath. Yea! I could definitely pull that off.

DIY bird bath bowl

Oh, you fancy huh?

Why yes, yes I am. Thus the idea of the two tier DIY bird bath was born.

I started looking for a larger shallow bowl of some type that could serve as my base for the bath and then I stumbled upon this tacky pink baby shower party platter. Yes, its uglier than hell but I had a good feeling about it. It was the right size and depth for what I needed.

The shopping wasn’t done yet, I had to find something to separate my tiers. I was thinking along the lines of a decorative vase.

To my surprise I found this really cool cup aka the goblet. It was wide enough on the bottom and top to support both levels of the bird bath and tall enough to separate them nicely.

DIY bird bath tier base

Pickin’ Paint and Glue

I’m not sure why exactly but I desperately wanted a royal blue bird bath. I stopped by Walmart to grab Krylon spray paint in a lovely shade of Oxford blue and clear sealant. $3.98 each.

Krylon Spray Paint

Krylon is supposed to be a quality spray paint and non toxic after it’s dried so I thought that this brand would be the best choice.

I also needed glue to put my bird bath together. After some research I found that Dap Aquarium Sealant is what I needed for a strong bond and to keep the water safe for the birds. $4.57 at Home Depot.

Dap Aquarium Sealant for safe bird bath water

Let the Prepping Begin

Once I was ready to paint my bird bath parts I made sure all pieces were wiped clean and dry.

I took them outside and laid them down on some old random piece of plywood in the yard and began spraying with my blue paint. So far so good.

DIY blue bird bath parts

I let them dry for a night and then went out and sprayed over them with the blue paint again. The instructions mention that you only need about 2 hours to dry in between coats so you don’t have to wait over night like I did.

How to Drill a Hole for the Base

One question you might have is how to set the bottom bowl on the base of the bird bath to begin with.

We used a circular drill bit/hole saw bit for this process. Anthony rummaged through our tool shed and found a drill bit that was perfect for what I needed.

I didn’t use any measurements, I just eyeballed the size I needed. As long as the drill bit could drill a hole slightly wider than the light bulb base on my lamp I was good to go.

hole for bird bath base

Assembling the Two Tier Bird Bath

All my parts were dry and ready to be put together! I found a nice level area in the yard to stack my two tiers. After some practice balancing all the pieces of the bird bath, I was ready to glue.

aquarium sealant on bird bath base

I finally got enough sealant around the base of my bird bath so it was time to add the party platter bowl.

DIY bird bath base

This sealant takes a full 24 hours to cure. This was good for me because I had plenty of time to rearrange and center all three of my pieces.

Getting them all centered was trial and error but it only took a matter of minutes to perfect it.

I was ready to put the finishing touches on this beauty. I let the glue cure over night and stepped out the next day with my Krylon Clear Coat in hand.

DIY bird bath finished

I absolutely enjoyed every minute of this DIY bird bath project. I felt like this was going to be an awesome idea and I’m thrilled it turned out better than I imagined.

Here is the finished product in all its glory.

Completed two tier DIY bird bath

This was an excellent DIY project for our yard this spring. I’m looking forward to watching the birds splash around in this! What spring time accessory does your yard need?

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  1. I’m sorry if I missed this…but did you secure it to the ground somehow? Such a cute project. Can’t wait to make my own!!

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