Peel n Stick Laundry Room Floor for $60!

Laundry room floor peel n stick vinyl

Our laundry room has been driving me crazy over the past couple of months due to the fact that it has a bare cement floor that was in serious need of rehab. I knew I needed flooring, but I was mainly concerned about what we should put down.

Of course in a laundry room there is always that worry about water damage at some point, so I knew we needed flooring that could withstand water. Could peel n stick vinyl be a legit option?

Why We Chose Peel n Stick Vinyl

Wood and laminate were out of the question since I knew both would warp if it ever absorbed too much water so naturally tile came to mind. The hubs has a some background in laying tile, but honestly I wanted this project to be something I could handle on my own and tile isn’t a project I was ready to tackle.

Tile can get costly when you consider the additional cost of adhesive, grout and a tile cutter.

I had no idea what I wanted to do with this crappy floor until I ran into Angela’s blog post about this same exact flooring on This was the solution I was looking for, vinyl peel n stick flooring! Sounds ridiculous right?

I thought so too, but after reading Angela’s post and doing some extra online research, I discovered that vinyl is the perfect fix since this material is

  • Water resistant
  • Very durable
  • EASY to install. You peel, you stick. Bam done!

Where We Found the Goods

Angela mentioned that she found this flooring at Lowe’s so….

Off to Lowe’s we went.

We grabbed one pack of Style Selections Driftwood Grey, 60 sq ft per pack at $0.88 per sq foot. (It was 10% off this weekend. Score.) Regularly its $0.98 per sq foot and I would have happily paid that because this flooring was well worth the money spent.

What’s great about this flooring is the fact that these vinyl tiles are in planks not square tile which give them a genuine appeal.The texture and color also add to the natural wood look as well.

If you’re going for the shabby chic farmhouse look like us then this flooring is a must.

Driftwood Gray peel n stick vinyl flooring
Lowe’s Style Selections Driftwood Gray

Tools You’ll Need

  • Box Cutter
  • Tape Measure
  • Liquid nails (for those stubborn unstickable spots)

2 Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Make sure your floor is totally clean. You don’t want the tiles sticking to dirt or crumbs and not properly adhering to your floor.
  2. The flooring must be level or your planks will lift up or sink in. Over time vinyl will show the unevenness of the sub-floor.

cement floor laundry room and peel n stick vinyl flooring

Prep Work

Luckily we have a fairly level, plain cement floor to start with. We didn’t have to deal with removing old flooring or leveling our current floor. If you do have some dips and grooves in your floor you can purchase a liquid leveler that you pour over your floor to fill in all the gaps. I’ve heard it also acts as a great primer too.

Installing Your Vinyl Floor

I decided to start behind the washer and dryer since our water heater was on the other side of the room and I really didn’t want to bother with that thing until I absolutely had to. I took a few planks out and lined them up against the floor in a staggered pattern.

It’s better to stagger these planks like you would with wood flooring because in my opinion they look more natural that way. However, I made the mistake of not laying them out wall to wall.

staggering peel n stick vinyl flooring

As I would come to find out I ended up with a 2 inch gapĀ along the left side of the wall. Oh well. Live and learn right?

Life moved on and we used a simple technique to cut the appropriate size to fill in the gap. I lined up the plank to be cut over the area that needed to be filled in and I used another plank as a guide to keep my cut even.

Make sure the spare plank you’re using as the guide lines up properly to allow an accurate cut.

how to cut peel n stick vinyl flooring

Okay, so Help Might be Needed

Remember that part where I said I wanted this project to be something I could accomplish on my own? Yea, well as easy as this was supposed to be I still needed assistance from my wonderful hubs.

I got frustrated when my planks started over lapping a teensy bit. It seemed that some of the planks may not have been completely even, so Anthony came to the rescue with a rubber mallet.

It only took a small amount of effort to pound the planks side by side when we used the mallet. It made things way easier therefore I would highly recommend a mallet or something similar to add to the tool list above.

Make Those Planks Stay Put

We did have a few planks that refused to stay down and our go to solution was liquid nails. We dabbed a little underneath the stubborn planks and found random heavy objects around the house to add weight on the problem areas.Then we waited for the glue to cure. Other than that I can’t complain. Things went fairly smooth with this flooring project.

liquid nails for peel n stick vinyl flooring

Once all the planks were in and the 2 inch “oops” was covered I stood back and marveled at our handy work. Our floor was dramatically different and in a very good way. Our laundry room floor went from dungeon-like creepy to farmhouse chic in about 3 hours. It was amazing!

peel n stick vinyl floor finished

Before and After

peel n stick before and after

Hopefully this post will inspire you to take the dive and try out this awesome product. This did wonders for our washing hole. What laundry room revamps are you eager to try? Share your thoughts with me.

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